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Typical products

Typical products

When evening falls and the rolling hills are surrounded by the autumn mists, the cold became more intense, truffle-hunter and their dogs walk along valleys and heights; at one point, the dog put his noise on the ground and the “trifulau” the truffle-hunter behind the dog encourage him. Suddenly the dog stops and begins to rasp impatiently, and the truffle-hunter with his hoe gently take of the truffle.
The pungent taste of the truffle transform the most delicate dishes, tray it shaved on a row meat salad , or over a bowl of fresh pasta as “tajarin” a sort of long tagliatelle or with agnolotti and even over a simple fried eggs.

The cuisine of the Langa, reflects a simple rural world that has kept over time its particularity with some special dishes as the “bagna caoda “ or the “Gran bollito misto” a mixed boiled meat dish that includes seven different cuts of beef or veal, hen and pork and seven sauces to go with.

One of the best expressions of this cuisine is the “cisrà” a hearty soup made with pork rinds or tripe, chickpeas, cabbage, potatoes leeks, and celery.

This tasty soup is especially attached to Dogliani where religious confraternities would serve it to visitors on 2 November as Dogliani still holds a traditional Fiera dei Santi. This poor dish has very ancient origins and it is said that during the feasts dedicated to the saints, was distributed, still warm and steaming, to the faithful.

To whet everyone’s palate cannot miss the tasty cheeses of the Langa, such as the Langhe sheep tuma or some sweets like: the hazelnut cakes, the meliga pastries and the classic cugnà.

Pairing wine the Dogliani DOCG.

Recognized as DOC in 1974; the Dolcetto of Dogliani became a DOCG in 2005, thus giving greater emphasis to this noble red grape: the Dolcetto.
The Dogliani D.O.C.G., after strict limitations “on yield per hectare” is now a wine, after a year of aging, with fine flavors expressing pleasing olfactory sensations of a generous vineyard over the hills of southern Piedmont.
This is a wine well suited for both simple cooking and a sophisticated and international cuisine.

With the Dogliani D.O.C.G. the pairings are endless and all enhance a cuisine that reflects the history and the culture of this part of the Langhe.

It is a cheerful fruity and intense wine that combines excellent with the typical dishes of the spring cuisine: tender vegetables and eggs, with the ingredients of the summer cuisine such as tomatoes peppers basil omelets or marinated dishes.
It combines well with the typical products of the autumn as mushrooms, truffles, aubergine, fondue and as well it is ideal for the seasonal products of the winter recipes that use game meat with sauce made from liver and juniper, roast and braised meat served with polenta “cunsa”. And let’s not forget it is perfect combined with starters or pasta first course as tagliatelle, gnocchi or agnolotti filled with roasted meat of veal, rabbit and pork.

The Dogliani

In the region of Dogliani, the grape variety Dolcetto produces two different styles of wine, brought to a single production specification even if each style of wine has to follow its own chemical and organoleptic parameters. The Dogliani DOCG wine represents the variety best...

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Ravioli del plin

The ravioli del plin are a traditional dish of stuffed fresh pasta one of the most famous typical specialties of the Piedmont. The tiny fresh homemade pasta parcels are filled with a combination of beef and cabbage, are smaller than the usually square ravioli and in the past...

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The cognà

Some call it jam, others grape must. In fact, this Langhe delicacy is between a juice and a jam. It is a preparation based on grapes and some other ingredients that can include renette apples, hazelnuts, a variety of pears called madernassa, dried figs, dried apricots, clove...

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The Langhe sheep Tuma

Today this cheese is a slow food presidium that comes from an ancient tradition; it is made with the milk of sheep. This small round chees can be eaten fresh or alternatively aged with a stronger flavor. It is a cheese that you can taste alone or with a glass of red wine or ...

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The Piedmontese Meat

The Piedmontese is a breed of domestic cattle with a unique somatic feature, an hypertrophy of the thigh muscles, due to natural genetic mutation. Today, the Piedmontese breed called “Fassone” produces a high level of meat: tender, lean and low in fat but with high nutri...

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Hazelnut cake

The main ingredients of this traditional sweet are the round hazelnuts of the Langhe a variety of of IGP Piedmont Hazelnut produced in the southern Piedmont. Preparations: Coarsely chop the skinned and roasted hazelnuts and add them to the beaten eggs. Add the flour, sugar, ...

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The “Copeta” of Dogliani

The copeta is a typical dessert of some areas of Piedmont in particular of the monregalese. Similar to nougat, but at the same time different in taste and in the impact, the cupeta is part of the dense array of products that have reached us through the Saracens Moors , thus ...

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