Ravioli del plin

Prodotti tipici

The ravioli del plin are a traditional dish of stuffed fresh pasta one of the most famous typical specialties of the Piedmont. The tiny fresh homemade pasta parcels are filled with a combination of beef and cabbage, are smaller than the usually square ravioli and in the past, they were the typical dish of Sunday lunch.
In Dogliani, they are called ravioli and the term plin means ‘pinch’ in the local dialect an original name that comes from the gesture, a pinch, which is traditionally used to enclose their filling. What is particularly interesting about this stuffed pasta is that there is not an official or widely accepted recipe. The filling, for instance, can include anything from leftover meat to vegetables, and there are vegetarian version with cabbage or rice filling.
To cook the “ravioli del plin” a few minutes in boiling water are enough. Once drained, you can dress them with the usual butter and sage, or you can as well dress them with the sauce that was used for the preparation of the roast, which they were filled with and for gourmand shaving a with truffle from Alba.
In addition, to enhance the typical taste of the three different roasted meat of the filling they can be served dressed can be on a white napkin without any seasoning.