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Naturalistic itineraries

Naturalistic itineraries

Nature walks in Dogliani through quiet villages and breathtaking views, up and down the surrounding rolling hills, in close contact with a suggestive nature that is the master of its landscape and has remained intact in its charm.

“Andare per Langa” “Wondering in Langa” is a local expression that means exploring around and walking quietly in one of the most evocative places in all of Piedmont.
Step by step you will walk some of the most scenic itineraries that wind through the hills and among the vineyards, spending some days in the name of nature, good company and of course excellent wine. A small and slow tour that will surprise you.

To discover and to experience the territory of the Langhe, the Municipality of Dogliani proposes you 7-ring trek, with varying length and difficulty, accessible on foot, by bike or on horseback and sometimes, season permitting, with snowshoes. This to give everyone the opportunity to choose their tour or to give personal suggestions. We will do our best to find a spot that best fits your nature tour.

All the routes are equipped with special signage and are always accessible, except in the case of very heavy rains. The travel times reported are for a touristic gait and for this are indicative, all the tours have been given a grading to help you assess them and have been mapped with a GPS so you can easily download your maps.

Up-to-date information is always available at the tourist office where you can also find trail maps.

Wondering in Langa has no time and rules, and for this reason tourists are invited to travel in a responsible way, respecting the environment.

Tourist are asked to follow these simple rules:

  • Help keep trails clean.
  • Respect private property.
  • Do not step on the fruit on the ground and do not pick fruit.
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed on these paths.
  • Avoid smoking and do not throw on butts.
  • Do not light fires to cook or burn waste.
  • Do not disturb the animals and their living conditions.
  • Do not cut off shrubs and do not carve barks.
  • Do not damage or remove trail signs.

That said, have a nice walk!

Nature trail Biarella (under maintenance)

Leaving the center of Dogliani towards Borgata Piandeltroglio, a narrow path paved at times, reaches Frazione Cavalla, and from here begins a dirt road. Following the signs, you descend through evocative landscapes, beautiful fields, woods and vineyards. Continue on the coa...

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Nature trail Piancerretto (under maintenance)

This is a path through hazelnuts and fields. After a steep climb, you reach the coast path on a mostly flat land. The paved road after having meeting some farmhouses, reaches the site San Carlo, with its homonymous little church today in good state of conservation. Passed S...

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Nature trail Pianezzo (under maintenance)

Walking near numerous farmhouses, you reach the top of San Martino’s hill: from here, you can enjoy the view of a Lange at times wild. Passed the old school and the church of San Martino in a lovely site with a view of Dogliani, the Langhe and the alpine region of the Mar...

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Nature trail San Giorgio Pamparato

The trail winds from the historical center of Dogliani up to Dogliani Castello and, towards the village of San Giorgio among the green of the meadows fields. The path continues on a panoramic ridge towards Borgata Pamparato.Here you can find many agricultural producers of d...

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Nature trail San Luigi

Crossing the historical center of Dogliani, the route winds towards Via Dante Alighieri and then up to the hill of San Luigi. among the most scenic areas of Dogliani, along the route some you will find of the most prestigious wineries of wine producers of Dogliani DOCG and t...

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Nature trail Santa Lucia

The trail starts from the main road to Monchiero (in front of the Pieve), it is a tree-lined road that winds through the meadows and that goes up to the little village Santa Lucia, a village so dear to Luigi Einaudi, who was a President of the Italian Republic. In San Giacom...

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Nature trail Valdibà (under maintenance)

This is a very scenic route through the vineyards of Dogliani. On the top of the hills, about halfway and after a short climb on a gravel road you can admire the original octagonal construction of the church of San Ferrell and a bit further, the little church of San Bartolom...

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