Nature trail Piancerretto (under maintenance)

Naturalistic itinerary

Length : 15 km
Walking duration : 3,00 hrs
Trip difficult level : TURISTIC walk grade 1
Signage : Yes
Suitable for families : Yes
Suitable for mountain biking : Yes
Water along the path : No
Altitude : 290 to 323 meters (difference in height 33 meters)

This is a path through hazelnuts and fields. After a steep climb, you reach the coast path on a mostly flat land. The paved road after having meeting some farmhouses, reaches the site San Carlo, with its homonymous little church today in good state of conservation. Passed San Carlo a steep path leads to the main road towards Monchiero and then returns on a path (an old road from Monchiero to Dogliani) that leads to the village.