Sanctuary our Lady of Graces and Pillars of the Saint Rosary

G.B. Schellino, 1873-1885 e 1872

The 14 Rosary Pillars designed in 1872 by Schellino, are placed in sequence and represent the life of Jesus. They have similar styles but different details, and they are arranged from the Cemetery to the Sanctuary of the graces, which represents the fifteenth mystery of the Rosary.
The Sanctuary is in a wonderful position, on the road towards Belvedere, at the top of a hill from which you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view. Around 1500 there was a little church dedicated to the Divine Motherhood of Maria .The devotion to Our Lady grew particularly in 1817 when the population, due a severe and exceptional drought in the territory, decided to pray a triduum to Our Lady and from the first day there was a beneficial and abundant rain. It was therefore decided to build a Sanctuary, which in the following years was newly enlarged and embellished. In 1872 there was a solemn ceremony dedicated to the coronation of the Virgin Mary.
The Sanctuary had further embellishment during 1873 and 1874 when the architect Schellino realized two side altars and two bell towers next to the facade of the church.
In 1885, was built the central dome, which is surmounted by the statue of the Madonna.
The most significant work inside the church is the large fresco in the dome by Toscano a “monregalese” who has also painted the Pillars of the Saint Rosary (some of which were later restored).