Museum of popular devotion and votive offerings (ex-voto)

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Opening days and hours:
Visits are conducted by appointment only by calling the number 0173.70990 and admission is free

Via Savona (behind to the apse of the Church of Saints Quirico e Paolo).

The Museum of Popular Devotion collects votive offerings (ex-voto) donated by devotees and restored to their former glory.
The Association “Amici del Museo” organized in 2000 an exibition entitled “La pietà popolare nelle tavolette votive dei Santuari e delle Cappelle del Doglianese”,”The popular devotion of votive offering in the Santuaries and churches in Dalianis”, and in 2001 another exhibition entitled “100 ex voto da salvare, interventi di restauro delle tavolette votive”, “100 ex voto to save and restoration works”.
The project to make a museum with these works has been realized thanks to the financial contribution of the Region Piedmont and of the Bank Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Torino and of the Church SS. Quirico e Paolo of Dogliani.
In order to find a suitable place for this museum it has been recovered a space in a beautiful eighteenth-century room of the Parish, a part of the old monastery complex of the Coventry just behind to the apse of the Church of SS.Quirico e Paolo. In addition, right in this room with splendid vault was discovered a fresco with a Carmelite subject recovered by Francesca Bruno.

The museum contains about 300 ex-voto datable from 1600 to mid-1900. Particularly interesting and precious are some wooden tablets from the Church of Saint Quirico that represent an unique example amongst the collections of votive offering in the churches of this area and the hope is that these precious objects of votive art may be part of other exhibitions.