Entrance to the town cemetery

G.B. Schellino, 1855-1867

A striking monumental complex, with an imaginative and exclusive reinterpretation of the Gothic style, it is certainly the most significant intervention of the Architect. The sharped spires harmonize and draw inspiration from the pyramid-shaped tips of poplars and cypresses trees pointing up to the sky, giving the monumental facade a sort of “religious aesthetic”. The building is made of handmade bricks, rough and dark, with mortar joints, alternating with ruffled irons of crosses and wrought-iron gates, details that enriched the entire complex, making it unpredictable and mysterious at the same time. Inside there are the tombs Appiani, Bonari and Cillario by Schellino. In the southeast corner is buried, in a modest tomb, Giovan Battista Schellino, on the right of the entrance there is the tomb of Luigi Einaudi, distinguished economist and first President of the Italian Republic.
The entire complex has been restored between 2015 and 2018.