Church of the Immaculate Conception and saint Giuseppe

G.B. Schellino, 1870-1880

It was built as branch of the Church of Saint Lorenzo in Dalianis Castello. It is also called the Paramu,”paramuro” a that refers to a sort of corridor that divided the houses from the walls that surrounded the Dogliani Castello, or the new church of Castello. Not far from the Monumental Cemetery, but very far from this gothic style, in this church predominates the neoclassical style with a Greek cross plan. The dome is supported by eight Doric-style columns, and on it stands a small dome with eight stained glass windows. On the facade four large columns support a large and imposing cornice and above it a triangular pediment.
Inside the church, you can see works of artistic value such as the paintings of the dome, the Baroque altar and the large tribune in walnut. Once, a large stone staircase, led to the square, in 1921 it was demolished to build a washtub.