Chapel dedicated to the Retreat of the Holy family

G.B. Schellino, 1883

It is one of the most elaborate work rich in decorative architectural elements, so much so the facade seems to be made with the fretwork, a meticulous work of lace. The building housed a charity and education institution for poor girls of this land, and then a prestigious school for girls run by the Dominican Sisters.
In addition to the complex, the Chapel dedicated to the Retreat of the Holy Family, next to the tower of the town hall by Schellino.
Here, too, you will find a neo-Gothic style, a bit tempered by the plastering compared to the greater impression of the nearby building with exposed brick.
With this work, we come full circle: Schellino scattered over Dogliani a dense map of his works, which are extremely eclectic in the ways and forms, without forgetting that his particular neo-gothic style, also shape his most neoclassical achievements.